How to create a window mural

I was recently asked to do a window mural for a local business for the 2019 Edina Art Fair! I am so honored to have the ability to create my art on a BIG scale for 400,000+ visitors to see. It took around 8 hours to complete, starting with the outlined shapes in black and then coloring them in like a big coloring book :) I enlisted the help of my bff Sara to color in the flowers and greenery. I couldn’t have done it without her!

I started out with a basic sketch of how I wanted to fill the window and used it as a reference while I was painting. The mural ended up being totally freehand, only using my sketch for inspiration. I think it’s best to go with the flow when working big. It would have taken longer to do it exactly as I drew it in the beginning.

I used a combination of Liquitex BASICS acrylic paint and GOLDEN acrylic paint. I tried using Behr interior paint but found that it had a lot of grit and texture. I wanted something smoother, so I opted for acrylic art paint.

Photo by Trevor Nelson

Photo by Trevor Nelson

I also designed custom hand lettering that was printed on vinyl and added to the center of the main mural. I wanted to play off of the wavy shapes, and create a custom loopy font to showcase “Be Kind and Eat Your Greens”

I recorded a few time lapse videos of the process, and it it so fun to watch the mural come to life. Check it out!

Phase one of Crisp & Green window mural

Sara helping me color in the shapes

I had SO much fun designing and executing this window mural. Now i’ve got the itch to work BIG! If you know any businesses that are looking for a custom mural/ window mural, send them my way!